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Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are thankful for all the wonderful people who have been supportive of us and bought knives and let us sharpen their knives and tools this year.  Our year is winding down.  We have a few special order slots left before Christmas.  We will be at Wilmington at the Shriner’s Convention Center for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and No Gimmick Sunday.  Dec 1st and 2nd we will be in Hyannis at Love Local Fest and Dec 7th and 8th at the Big E Fair Grounds in Springfield Ma for our last gun show of the year.  Then we are on working vacation till February when we might be seen locally at some Cape Cod Beer Winter Markets.

From our family to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to seeing you and continuing to serve you next year and for many years to come.


Fred and Tom

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Cape Cod Beer Shuck!!!


Hit the link above to find out all about Cape Cod Beer’s Shuck a celebration of Oysters and Beer.   Live music, beer,wine, cider, raw shellfish, grilled cheese sandwiches, local conservation and farmers and Us!!  Does it get any better?  I don’t think so.

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The “Wellfleet boys” got to try out our knives said they were solid and just as good as anything else they had used only a whole lot prettier.  It was nice seeing the rubber handled commercial knives sitting in the ice and guys using our knives to open thousands of oysters all day long.  We got to check out lots of Oyster shucking competitors knives and learn way more about oyster knives then we ever thought possible.  We will be tweaking our oyster knives a bit.  We will still offer the traditional Boston Stabber but we will be making a shorter version with a New Haven tip called the Barnstable Poker and we will make a long version of the new haven tip as well.   Also going forward we will be making them all from AEB-L stainless as we have been really impressed with bench testing of the temper by bending tips in a vise without breaking. We feel the heat treat in the kiln is very repeatable and will give us the strongest most reliable tips we can get.    We also had many requests for a clam knife so will be making a clam knife as well.

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Wellfleet Oyster Fest!!!!


We will be at Wellfleet Oyster Fest this Weekend!!!  We are so excited!! This could be the biggest event we have been to so far!!!  Come on down and check us out and taste the ocean!!  We have stainless AEB-L steel oyster knives as well as our regular 1095 blades.  Lots of kitchen knives! we have been working straight out for three weeks to be able to offer a great selection of knives!!! Can you tell how excited I am from all the exclamation points!!!!

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Barnstable Sea Farms!!


We met one of the members of the family that owns Barnstable Sea Farms this weekend at the Love Local Fest in Hyannis!   They tried one of our oyster knives and gave us a favorable bit of write up.  They raise oysters in Barnstable and Osterville so they get the taste of both sides of the Cape! Pretty awesome stuff!  October is the Month for Oysters and we will be at the Wellfleet Oyster Fest and Shuck! A Day of Oysters and Beer at Cape Cod Beer the following week.  We are so excited!!

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New Kiln!!!


People often ask us, “Are you fabulously wealthy knife makers by now?”  I then respond with maniacal laughter.  Actually no one asks that but if anyone is wondering we have made virtually nothing at this job so far in the past 5 years.  Everything we make has gone into upgrading and improving our shop and production process.  This is the latest thing that has taken all our money.   This is an Evenheat kiln.  Why do we have it?  Well it lets us improve our temp cycling of our steel for better grain structure and harder steel and it gives us accurate tempering cycles as well so we can bring the steel down to a serviceable hardness.  It also will get the knives out of the kitchen oven for tempering which makes my wife happy.  It will also allow us to experiment with D2 steel and a whole variety of stainless steels.  Right now we are making a batch of Aeb-l Stainless oyster shuckers as well as our normal 1095 steel shuckers.  This will allow us to do all our own heat treating of these more complicated steels in house with out having to send them out for heat treating.  It has a really cool computer controller that lets us program all our heat treating recipes and save them which assures consistency and quality every time.