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Big Changes!

So we have been keeping busy but we are redesigning ourselves a bit. For several years now we have been making single bevel chef knives in the style of traditional Japanese chef knives. It is our feeling that the future of cutlery lies in the past. We are hence forth becoming a single bevel company. There are many good reasons we feel single bevel knives are better. It is a sharp edge and a strong edge. Food tends not to stick to the blade as much because it climbs up the steep bevel and falls away. From a peeling standpoint you can adjust the bevel angle and peel as thin or as thick as you like. They are easier and quicker to sharpen as you are only working one bevel. Things you cut are also flat and flush on the opposite side of the bevel. The Japanese refused to acknowledge right handed people. As such they tended to make only right handed bevels. We happen to know and like some left handed people so out of concern for their safety and convenience we will be making them in left handed as well. If you absolutely must have a double bevel we can make them on special orders.

We are also trimming our selection of blade types. We will be making our Right whale and Humpback whale and adding an Asian style Gyutou as our 8 inch size offering. and a 4 inch paring knife/utility knife. Any other design will be a custom order. We will still make what ever people would like custom but our production line will be made up of these four knives plus out famous oyster. The web site will be redesigned soon so that the shop shows it and there will be pictures of the new knives soon.

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Bad News Good News.

Well, we got a bit of bad news today. We will not be able to attend Wellfleet Oyster Fest this year. We did not pass muster for some reason. It is a tough event to get into even for Cape Cod’s own oyster knife company. It will be a shame because we love that event and have supported them during the Covid years because of our passion for the cause. It is also our single biggest source of income for the year. Oh well… On the bright side the only other event we planned on attending this year is the Wareham Oyster Fest which will be at May 28th on a Sunday. So Mark it down it is coming soon!! It is great they were able to get it back up and running this year and we will have a great time getting back there. As always if you are looking for our products in Wellfleet look no further than the Newcomb Hollow Shop on Main St.

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Winter Is here.

I know I have not posted in a while. Been busy with lots of things. We are working on getting the shop cleaned out and organized. We have submitted applications to Wellfleet Oyster Fest and Wareham Oyster Fest. We are excited to see that Wareham is getting back on the map. I also hear that Wellfleet is looking at getting back to down town which will be a great move back their original venue. Looking forward to that. We hope to be able to increase our production this year to exceed the demand of our product with the hopes of opening up a couple of new retailers in the Sandwich/Mashpee/Falmouth area of the Cape. It would be nice to get a presence on the Vinyard and Nantucket as well. The cost of doing business has gone through the roof but we will be trying to keep our prices reasonable, as that has always been our goal to make a local handmade product that was affordable. Thank you for you support. Fred and Tom