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Cape Cod Cutlery is a homegrown Cape Cod business. We specialize in producing the finest in nautical, historic and modern knives as well as  kitchen cutlery. Each of our knives is individually handmade, making them unique works of art as well as functional tools.

Who are Fred Carpenter and Thomas Davenport?

dscn1725Fred Carpenter is a Yankee by birth with roots in the south. Some of the woods we use for handles come from the family farm in Mississippi.    Starting in restaurant work at 15 he has done just about every job in a restaurant. Over the years he has had many jobs in animal husbandry, massage therapy and most recently soap making at Summer House Soaps of Hyannis.  Fred loves to be a maker. About 15 years ago he became interested in blacksmithing and metal work and has been tinkering ever since. Fred has been involved in Medieval Combat in the Society of Creative Anachronisms since 1991.

14390780_10209079039185611_1757985868150449337_nThomas Davenport is a Fall River native of Portuguese descent.  Raised in his grandmother’s restaurant and bakery he developed knife skills at an early age.  His father was an avid hunter and grandfather a fisherman so he grew up catching and processing game as a child .  He got his first taste of metal work as a grinder and welder at the shipyard in Newport building warships for the Navy. Later in life he became a butcher and USDA Meat Inspector and has taken more then a few animals from field to plate.  His passion for food continues through catering banquets for 50-80 people. His desire for a personal knife started his journey into knife making in 2012 and here we are.   Thomas has been involved in Medieval Combat in the Society of Creative Anachronisms since 1997.

Look for our knives at the Cape Cod Beer Farmer’s Market, and other Cape Cod venues.

Want to get in touch with us? Email us at fred@capecodcutlery.com!


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey Guys!
    Bought an Oyster Knife at Live Love Local Fest in Dennis. Was looking to pick it up if it was ready.

    1. Yes I was going to call you Tomorrow. It is ready. You can pick it up when you like.

      31 timber Lane Marstons Mills Ma 02648

  2. Hey guys, Love your work and saw the awesome write up in Edible Cape Cod! I was a vendor at Love Live Local holiday fest, met you both and couldn’t decide on a knife or budget that day to purchase something… Anyway I saw your primitive style knife with deer jaw bone in the gallery… Loved the handle, and the primitive looking blade.

    I’d really like to order a primitive style custom piece in the future that I can use in my own work. I am a multi media artist working primarily with found natural materials. I specialize in vine weaving and branch building. I’d be interested in a knife that I could wear on my waste and that I could quickly take out to cut vine with. I typically hand snap 1/2″-1″+ thick vines but often need to break the binding fibers with a tool. Since my sculptural work is very primitive in style and practice, I’d love something with Native American and/or primitive style influence…perhaps almost as if it may even be some sort of artifact… I don’t really want a saw blade but rather a sharp small blade to place in the snapping spot of the vine… I’m looking to spend somewhere around $100. The blade doesn’t need to be too long and handle just comfortable in length for my Palm (3.5″ from bottom of Palm to begining of fingers)

    I am not in a rush to have the piece and am flexible with creative process and timing. I do a lot of custom work myslef and totally appreciate the value of time and flexibility in the creative process with custom work.

    On a side note I also love interesting wood grains, knots and wood character that is typically labeled as visual imperfections… maybe it’s a combo of materials even… Perhaps you already have bone or antler material for a handle or maybe you’ll keep your eye out and let me know when you find something, or have a design on mind? Let me know if you think this price point could work for my interests and if not, what kind of range it would more likely be. Thanks for your consideration – Tessa


    1. Awesome!! We would love to do something for you. The Deer Jawbone was a really cool blade and we are thinking of making more of them. Just need to get some jawbones. It looks like it would be uncomfortable but it actually fits the hand really well and provides a good grip. We have a lot of small antler knives right now that are fairly primitive. We made them for viking/medieval people. They are the same 52100 steel we make out kitchen knives out of but the forge black has been left on them which protects the blade and adds to its primitive look. They start at around 40 dollars and go up. We have a cool Skinner blade right now with a really gnarly Cherry Burl you might like as well that would work for what you want it is about 60$. If you want something custom we can talk about designing something and looking at our current inventory might give you some ideas. You are welcome to come by any time to the shop. Give us a call 508-560-1114 to make sure we are around.

      1. All sounds awesome! The burl piece sounds cool too! Id be interested in seeing your current inventory. Sounds like you guys have a lot of things I’d probably like. Fom there either I might buy something or place an order after looking at different design elements. I often have Wednesdays open. Would you ever be around on a Wednesday? I’ll be sure to call or text if ever in the area to see if you’re around. Thanks so much! Look forward to picking out something soon!

      2. Yes Wednesday I am home after 230 usually. It is the day I am often making soap at my day job at Summerhouse Soap in Hyannis.

  3. Hi Fred, talked with you at the Provincetown Farmers Market last month. I have a kitchen knife that was my grandfathers. General all purpose knife. Needs to be refurbished, including a new handle. What’s the process? Can I send it to you? What’s the turnaround? Jack Reilly

    1. HI, Jack
      Yes send it to me if you like. I will let you know what we are looking at and do what I can for it. Cape Cod Cutlery 31 Timber Lane Marstons Mills Ma 02648 turn around probably a week or two. Make sure it won’t poke through what ever you ship it in.


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