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This weeks works in progress!!


Been working on our mini cleavers and Pistol Grip Skinner this week and even managed to get an oyster knife in the mix. Just need to sharpen and tag these bad boys and they are ready to roll. The knives handles from top to bottom are G10, G10, Ebony and Stabilized Cherry Burl.   Can not wait for this weekend and the Knife Extravaganza show in Mystic!!!

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Next Weekend First Knife Show Ever!!

Next weekend we are going to the Northeast Cutlery Collectors Knife Extravaganza in Mystic Ct.  It is the first knife show we have gone to where we will be selling.  It is a new experience to us and if you can come and show your support that would be awesome. We will be featuring our Mini EDC knives and our Pistol Grip Skinners which will hopefully become instant classics in the eyes of the collectors that come from all around the country to attend.  We have no idea what it will be like so fingers crossed.


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Spirit of the Shop!! We got a video!!

We were inspired by other knife makers we have seen out there with real sleek and hip professional videos full of all kinds of slick cut scenes, great camera angles and moody fire lit gourmet meals shared with good looking friends with bottles of wine and the family dog. We really liked the idea but realized that is not quite who we are. So like everything we do, we did it ourselves with no budget and a cell phone.  I think it has all the rustic work-a-day feel that Cape Cod Cutlery and the people that live here year round exhibit.    A few guys in a garage.  Nuthin’ fancy.

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We stand by local police.


Yesterday about two miles from our shop a brave officer was shot and killed. We listened on our scanner as the following drama unfolded resulting in the live capture of  the monster who did it.  We applaud the true professionalism and restraint of the officers of Cape Cod.   We offer our condolences to the friends and family and the police force.  His K9 partner was also shot and is in bad shape.  We have been supporters of the vest a dog campaign and encourage others to look into it as well.  They do us a great service.

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We have Wood!! Now to organize it!!

Our friend Pat from Florida sent us some awesome old postal bins.  The long term plan is to cut up all the wood we have into knife scales and put them in the bins so that when we make a knife we just walk over and say “I think I will use…” and there it is.  However, the hard part is we have a 55 gal drum to get through before we tackle the pile.  It is going to be a very costly project in band saw blades.  Summer is almost here so it might be able to happen!! Wish we had a friend with a saw mill!  (Wood in pile consists of ebony, teak, cherry , cherry burl, osage orange, cedar, honey locust, spalted maple, birch, holly, oak, maple and walnut. All locally sourced from nature or as scrap wood from local wood workers. )

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Updated Schedule!!!!

I have just updated the schedule for 2018 through December.  We have not yet registered for all these events or heard back from all of them but this is what we are expecting to do.  If any of them do not materialize they will be removed well ahead of time.  We are hoping for a big season of getting out and meeting the public.  We have added a fourth weekly farmers market!!  This year is going to be off the hook!! We can not wait.

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First Castle Berry Craft Show of the Year!!!

Last year we did about 8 shows with Castleberry Craft Fairs.  This year we hope to be doing about 14 shows with them.  they are always great shows and this weekend kicks off their season in Wilmington ‘Ma at the Shriner’s Auditorium.   In the pictures above we have a custom butcher knife in lace wood and turquoise handle and an 8 inch chef knife in cherry burl and white turquoise. Steel is w2 and 1095 respectively.  The rough forge marking is left on them belying their rough and ready character.

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2018 Year of the Mini Knife


We are proclaiming that 2018 is the year of the mini knife.  The top two designs in particular.  Mini cleavers are trending right now and a good EDC/skinning knife is always handy.    Expect to see these under 6 inch over all knifes everywhere this year.  That is our prediction and we are going to do our part to produce many of them.  They are big enough to be useful but small enough to store easily and they won’t frighten or intimidate the timid and the meek.

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Latest knives!

We have a 10 inch chef knife with stabilized cedar and malachite handle and our new small knife of stabilized cherry burl and malachite.   The small knife is a design that we have made several of recently.  Tom thinks that small knives under 6 inches overall will be the next new thing so we embraced the concept. More on those coming soon.