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Chevy knives for my Chevy?



So we received these leaf springs from a customer today that are from a 51 Chevy Pickup.  As coincidence would have it the company truck is also a Chevy and it needs a new transmission and 2 tires so it can service us through the next season.   So here is the deal.  We are going to have a go fund me style of  sale.  Give us 100. 00 toward the Chevy and we will make you a custom knife out of these 1951 Chevy Truck Springs!! ( 12 inch over all limit.)  Pretty Awesome deal.  We need to raise about $2500 to get the old girl back in form.  I figure there are about 24 to 48 knives here depending on what you are looking for . Help us out and get a cool knife with a cool story.


The first project out of the leaf springs.  A 10 inch Japanese chef knife with African Black wood handles..   We have two orders so far taking advantage of this cool opportunity.  23 more slots to go!!

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Pistol Grip Skinner in Action!!

Professional deer butcher Bob B. from the middle of the state who does over 40 deer a year bought one of our pistol grip skinners at the Sturbridge show.   He sent us these pictures with the caption ” works great!”  We love it when we see our knives in action and hear that people who really know and use knives appreciate them.   Thanks for the validation! We will keep at it.

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All you need is Love and these knives.

When the Beatles sang “All you need is love!”  I am not sure they were considering survival in the woods.  For bush crafting at its best might we suggest that as well as love you bring a Cape Cod Cutlery Large Bush Craft Knife.  Splitting wood, starting fires building shelter this knife is a good to have when love is not enough to keep you warm. You will also need to take care of your hunger.  You might need to skin some animals or cut some nice green roughage to chew on.  The Pistol Grip Skinner  gives you a comfortable and well thought out knife that is good for just about anything…especially skinning.    Check them out at our next event.  Till then, all you need is love and a good knife.   The handles are Cocobolo and the blades are made of 80crv2.

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Gifts from Dad.

Before Christmas a customer brought us a half dozen old files that had belonged to her dad.  She wanted us to make them into knives so that she could give them  to her siblings and her son who was close “Grampy.”  Her dad had always been a handyman and she knew that having his tools transformed into something that everyone could use would be meaningful as well as useful to each one of them.  We were told the personality and size and eating habits of each person so as to design the most useful knife for each person involved.  It was a highly personalized and well thought out presentation.  Yesterday, I received a detailed letter of the proceedings at Christmas and how it was the best present ever and people really were touched.  I was glad to be a part of something so special.  Knives are already one of the best presents you can give.  They may be used several times a day and people think of the giver each and every time.  When a knife is passed on to someone they will remember fondly the person that handed it down to them.  These knives come with the added memory of a patriarch who made beautiful and functional things with them before they were knives.  Knives are a tool that can connect  generations and create a lasting immortality in the hearts and minds of the user.  Thank you for letting us be a part  of that.

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Pistol Grip Skinner!


Hi Folks!  I want to introduce a design we came out with probably 6 months ago that we put a lot of thought into the design of.  We call it the Pistol Grip Skinner.  Tom has a long history as a deer butcher.  In his experience using drop tip skinners he always found himself choking up on the blade for better control. So he made a these knives so that you could choke up on the blade without the risk of cutting your finger by including a flat  finger grip right behind the blade edge, The curve in the blade allows for comfortable control in either hand and the false edge of the blade give you a beveled but non sharp edge for pulling away the skin from areas that are easily cut through like around the legs. These knives are made out of 80crv2 steel and have stabilized maple burl handles.


Damascus and buffalo horn one of the first ones we made.

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Early Confirmations!

Well this new year is already shaping up.  We confirmed that we will be at the Chatham Farmers Market next season with (drum roll) knife sharpening!!  We also plan to be at Cape Cod Beer Friday evenings and Brewster Historical Society Farmers Market at Drummer Boy Park on Sundays.  Both of these markets we will still be doing sharpening also.  We have received the info for Village Crafter’s Shows which we will be signing up for several we enjoyed last year. Unfortunately we did not get accepted by Hyannis for an artist shanty on the water this summer which we were really looking forward to.   It does free up a week of time for us to do other things though. We will be in Sturbridge this weekend at a gun show and end of the month in Marlboro.  February , March and April are booked for more gun shows and then it will be Brewster in Bloom which kicked off our season last year. We even have a historical Viking Wedding in May!!! Come on down and see us at our first shows of the new year.  We had great fun last year met lots of great people and sold somewhere in the area of 235 knives!  We plan to work hard and see if  we can double that amount this year. The first two knives of the new year are in the works right now for a nice retirement package special order.  Way better then a gold watch!

We look forward to the Cape Cod Mini Makers Faire and Castleberry shows and Harwich Cranberry Fest and Yarmouth Seaside Festival and anything by Live, Love, Local as they were all awesome events last year.


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We are open!!

Come see us this week Mon to Fri 10-7 and get 10% off !  If you are fire, police or military we will double our usual discount of 10% to 20%! come on down and take advantage of our already very reasonable price for high quality hand made knives.  Me make them and stand behind them 100%! and sharpen them for free for as long as we are drawing breath.  We are located at 31 Timber Lane Marstons Mills Ma 02648.

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Open House!

We are all done taking special orders for Christmas but we have a great inventory on hand right now so we will be open to sales at the shop all week this week Monday through Friday from 10am to 7 pm.  We will have tables of product set up in our shop for any last minute shoppers looking for the perfect gift.  Drop on in we will be here.  If you don’t see us call us at 508-560-1114 or just knock on the door til the dogs get riled up. We might be inside trying to stay warm.  WE are located at 31 Timber Lane Marstons Mills Ma. 0264820171007_090937