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Stacked Birch!

I love birch. It is the best wood. It is sooooo useful. Among its almost endless uses is in knife handles. Stacked birch is warm and beautiful and is probably my favorite technique for hidden handle tang knives. It is messy and we do not make many non full tang knives so I do not get much chance to make them. I ended up holding onto these sliver bolster and end cap sets which were a fairly expensive impulse buys early on in our knife making when we were making lots of Scandie style knives. Finally I decided to do something with them. Blade is damascus. handle is birch bark , malachite and faux ivory. Enjoy! There will be another in 1095 coming in the near future.

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Latest Rehab Project

A lot of European knife companies made the mistake of putting these awful laminate wood handles on knives in the 70s and 80’s. I see a lot of these. This is a nice 10 inch chef. I assume it is a Wusthof. They claim to have stopped using this material 30 years ago and offer no warranty on it. New knives use a laminate wood called Pakka wood, I assume they have come a long way in resin technology since then. This kind of damage is a reminder never put knives in the dishwasher.

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Old Knives Reimagined!

It is freezing in the shop but that does not mean we are not still working. Here are three old knives that needed new handles. A no name ancient carving blade a Sabatier and a Chinese cleaver. These all come from a very good customer of ours who loves to pick up old carbon steel knives and use them to cook with every day. We can not blame him the edges are sharp and the patinas are gorgeous. However the handles are often falling apart or just lackluster. We are able to give these old blades new look and a new lease on life. We hope they last another hundred years.

From left to right, Olive Wood, Bacote and Malachite and faux ivory and Water Buffalo Horn.

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We now have a site on MEWE!!

Due to ongoing problems with the major social media outlets we are offering our customers an outlet on a newish platform Mewe. If you wish to follow us but do not wish to use FB we completely understand and would love to have you follow us on this new and safer platform. You can find us on the link below. We will remain on FB as well. Thanks you.

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Postal Service.

Hi folks! As of know we have shipped al the packages that should in theory arrive by Christmas. The postal service is having a very bad time of it. All the shipping companies are as well. I have had UPS drivers showing up in personal vehicles. I have had Fed Ex showing up in Uhauls. It is my understanding that the Providence USPS sorting facility has 300 people out with Covid and the remaining employees are having to take packages in their own cars to Hartford for processing. I am waiting on important materials that have not moved from a truck in Alabama since Dec 1st according to tracking. The supply chain for our AEB-L steel has also tightened up right now. Please be patient with our package delivery people we are all having a hard time with it. Thank you and stay safe.

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Our Great Retailers for Christmas

We are lucky to have some great retailers on the Cape who believe in us. We always encourage people to check them out for our products and the other great products they sell. As we are currently unable to commit to any more product to arrive by Christmas so please check out these following local businesses for our products.

Hyannis- We have Live Love Local who has in stock a selection of our Oyster Shucker. Cape Gun Works also has several Oyster shucker, three kitchen knives an a much sought after filet knife in super cool burlap micarta. They have several outdoor knives some in damascus and and a super fancy mammoth molar and W2 steel hamoned blade.

Harwich- Lexaco on main street in charming Harwichport has one of the largest selections of chef and filet and outdoor knives on the Cape. Great jewelry store as well.

Wellfleet- Newcomb Hollow Shop has a wide selection of oyster shuckers and Asian inspired chef knives. They also have an amazing collection of chocolates, ceramics, lighting fixtures and other unique gifts.

Provincetown- Arcadia has a selection of 8 inch chef knives, humpbacks and paring knives and shuckers. They will have more inventory tomorrow being delivered so check them out this weekend for best selection. They have fun and whimsical gifts and beautiful jewelry and board games as well. Their super warm pirate skull hats and merman shirts are some personal favorites of mine.

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We had an overwhelming number of orders last night. Santa and his elves will be working round the clock for the next week to get these out in time for Christmas. Thank you. We are still taking orders but they will not be able to get made for delivery till after the holidays. Well…back to work. If you would like one of our knives in time for Christmas Please check out one of our Cape Cod Retailers. Live Love Local, Cape Gun Works(Hyannis), Lexaco(Harwich), Newcomb Hollow Gift Shop(Welfleet) and Arcadia(PTown). Thank you!