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Engraving and Cape Gun Works

We offer engraving and personalizing on wood leather and metal. Help keep our local engraver busy. His business has really been hit hard with the closing of schools and sports. Phil over at East Coast Trophy does a fantastic job and we trust him with all our engraving and personalizing needs. If we can make you a knife and personalize it please ask.

Also Cape Gun Works is open again and they are going to be carrying a large selection of great fathers day presents from Cape Cod Cutlery go check them out.

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What is new?

We have added our new knife to the store the Right Whale! We have also added a page about our shuckers and a page about knife materials for those who want to know all there is to know about our knife materials and options. They were inspired by sales help sheets we developed to help Cape Gun Works sales staff understand more about our product. Congrats to them on winning their law suit against the state to stay open. Here is a great picture from Spoon and Seed in Hyannis of our new Right Whale having done a days work. We have also added a page on custom pricing for those people interested in something even more unique.

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Spoon and Seed!!

Well, this picture is a sign of the times. No handshakes and smiles or pats on the back here. Our good friend Chef Tropeano of Spoon and Seed in Hyannis is getting our newest Asian inspired chef knife we call the “Right Whale.” It joins our Blue Whale, Sperm Whale and Humpback Whale is a great line of chef knives that take inspiration from famous Japanese designs. Chef Tropeano was one of the first people we brought knives to test. He has been a big supporter and uses several of our knives on a daily basis. They are still open for take out so if you love them all ready or are looking for a new favorite place check them out! Spoon and Seed, 12 Thornton Dr, Hyannis, MA, 02601, United States774-470-4634

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New super cool design!!

Sometimes cool things happen out of accidents. This new design started out as something else then due to a stress crack in heat treating was turned into something else… well that blade was not serviceable but what we did in altering it was create a templet for something else we though we might like. So we made a new knife out of D2 steel and added a faux Ivory and blue/black micarta to the handle along with a mosaic pin. The result is a really comfortable super cool design. We don’t have a name for it yet but we are thinking. Any suggestions?

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Cape Cod Cutlery Plus Cape Gun Works!!!!!!

In this super slow time for retail. it is probably not the best time to launch a retail venture but we are not known forever doing things the easy way. Not that anything is easy in the current situation. We are super excited to have partnerd up with Cape Gun Works as our exclusive Cape retailer for our bushcraft, EDC, outdoor, hunting and tactical knives. We feel that they are a perfect match for these lines of knives. Currently they are open to military, police and first responders and online sells. Once things get back to normal the general public will be able to shop a fairly large selection of unique Cape Cod Cutlery blades.

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Thank you for online sales keep them coming!!!

We have had a few online sales keeping us going. We have a current turn around time on most production knives of about 4 days from order to shipping so you will get your knife pretty fast. We will be announcing some pretty awesome local retailer news soon. Stay tuned. Below are our whale knives inspired by the awesome mammals that swim off the coast.

The unique design of the
Humpback Whale continues to find devotees. after a couple of years of sales. It is a great little meat and veggie knife with rock in front and some chop in the back.
Our Blue Whale slicer and a recycled forged utility knife/edc with green stabilized tamarind handles.
The Sperm Whale
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Anytown USA!!! Shop Safe at home from Small Businesses. Help us do business in this time when few sales options are available.

Dear Friends,

Hope this note finds you safe and healthy during these trying times.  As you know, small businesses are being hit especially hard during the Covid-19 crisis. Artists and makers who rely on craft shows and trade shows for orders are experiencing major sales shortfalls. I am a part of a community of over 250 makers across the USA called  Right now while you can’t go to a craft or trade show to shop with us, here is one easy thing you can do to support us. Please visit our “stores”  on   When you buy something, please use my code CUTLERYH19.  Every time someone uses the code to buy any of the over 10,000 items, will rebate my cost to do business on the site.  For every $100 spent using my unique code, will rebate me $10 up to $50. This will also help my fellow artists and makers with their sales during this difficult moment. It’s one way you can help small businesses as we weather the storm.


Fred and Tom

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No Springfield…

Gov Baker killed all meetings over 250 people. I think they were over estimating the Gun Show Attendance in Springfield. LOL So we will not be there. We will be locked in our garage making knives in quarantine as the world shuts down. If you need something let us know. Hope to be able to see you all in the Summer. Take care and stay safe.