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Big changes in the new year.

Hope everyone is having a great new year! We are revamping our website store at the moment and things will be a little bit crazy for the next week or two. Due to supply chain issues and cost increases across the board we will be having our first price increase in 5 years. It will effect primarily the large chef knives in the line as they are the most costly knives to make. We will keep the small knives like the oyster, clam, steak and paring knives the same price for now. We will be getting rid of the European 8 and 6 inch knives , the kitchen utility knife and the Blue Whale.

Our passion has become traditional single bevel Japanese knives and we are deciding to spread our enthusiaism. In addition to the Right Whale, Humpback and Sperm Whale we will be adding the Minke Whale, a small utility single bevel knife and the Orca Whale 8 inch gyuto style knife to the line. You will have to specify right or left handed because with traditional single bevels it matters. The knives will have a slightly thicker spine then our normal chef knives and will be offered with fancy file work down the spine for a small additional fee. We will be coming up with a new set of our 5 whale knives to replace our previous set. In addition, a small meat and cheese mini cleaver will be making its way into the line for all you charcuterie fans out there.

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