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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

This weekend kicks off the official beginning of the Summer season on Cape Cod.  Where will we be you ask?  Today on Friday we will be at the opening of Cape Cod Beer’s Farmer’s Market.  Saturday it is still tentative but we may be at the Providence Town Farmer’s Market.  We should know tonight if it is a go.  What better way to spend Saturday of Memorial day in Ptown!!!!  Sunday we will be in Wareham at their Oyster Festival where they will have a road race and street vendors and a general party in the street.  It should be awesome.  Tonight we will be offering sharpening at Cape Cod beer so bring your dull knives. Have a great weekend where ever you are!

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New Sign and Look!!


In an effort to find our identity we have searched for years and finally think we have found it. We started making historic Scandinavian style knives, then moved into kitchen knives and modern outdoor knives.  Our recent interest in trade knives of the 18th century and 19th century settler knives, as well as the traditional knives of Japan, keeps us rooted in historical interests. Then we have Cape Cod with a long nautical history in the heart of North America’s Atlantic maritime region.

Our first impulse was to go with a more modern, tourist oriented, day at the beach or modern home decor look. We really looked hard and dabbled with the modern Cape Cod design aesthetic but it really was not right for us. We are much more rustic and dirty and rough around the edges. We are often asked it if our knives are antiques and we say, “No but they are made from the same type of steel that knives were made from 150 years ago.” Spotted across the Cape are a few remaining hold out old fashioned general mercantile stores.  After looking at those stores and spending a day with our friend Matt Beaudoin in his 180 year old historic rope working shop at Mystic Knot Work in Mystic, CT, where we learned about sailors’ knives and tools, we were convinced that the 1800’s mercantile look would translate well to the art and craft fair scene.  Crafting a distinct look and display is an important tool to make one memorable and draw people into your shop. It is useful to help sell your story and product.  The mercantile theme appeals to both our sense of history, our rustic look and a feel for the early days of the Cape Cod’s nautical and pioneer heritage. Thanks to A Piece of Sandwich for helping us get closer to establishing our aesthetic.  Come out and check out our work in progress throughout the year.

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Two firsts for us!!!


This is our first knife made out of Japanese white steel which is about the most pure steel you can get.  It has a higher carbon content than the 1095 we use in most of our knives. It is just straight up iron and carbon. It is super hard and holds a super sharp edge.     There are no other elements or impurities in the steel. It would make a great kitchen utility or camp cook knife or really cool daily carry.  It has a 25,000 year old piece of Mammoth tusk for a handle that was dug out of  the Alaska tundra.  It is a great conversation piece.  My photography skills or lack there off do not do it justice.  It is 9 inches over all with a 5 inch blade and has characteristics of a 18th cent trade knife and a Japanese chef knife.  These are the two influences working in our shop at present.  It comes with a leather sheath for $500.00.  Tom does not want to sell it but sell it we must.  Please help keep Tom from finally getting his knife.

Don’t forget our Tuesday market in Chatham has started from 3-6 and our Friday Market at Cape Cod Beer starts on the 25th and we have the Wareham Oyster fest coming up on the Sunday of Memorial day weekend. We will be out of town at Blade Atlanta from June 1 to the 12th. so we will not be at the weekly markets on those days.

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Pic of us at our first knife show!!


We are members of the Northeast Cutlery Collectors Association and we were fortunate enough to make their big Mystic Connecticut Knife Extravaganza our first knife show.  Though we are not collectable yet with time hopefully we will be. Buy now before we become famous and you can not afford us. LOL!!!  Thanks to the NCAA for the great pic.  Tom actually looks happier then I have managed to get him in any pic so far so good job catching him smiling.   If you love knives and history check out the NCCA.

Also our first farmer’s Market starts up tomorrow in Chatham in front of Job Lot from 3-6 and we will be sharpening for more info check out The Chatham Farmers Market.

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A kitchen knife makes the best Mother’s Day gift!!!

When you think about it a knife makes the best gift regardless of the occasion.  A good knife will last of generations and will be used multiple times a day.  A knife will provide for the ones you love an feed you r family and friends.  Every time a person uses the knife you give them they will think of you and what a great gift it was.  So this Mother’s day get mom a knife from Cape Cod Cutlery.  She will think of your love for her every time she uses it. cropped-20171012_172241.jpg

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A day at the beach with knives!!

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One of the great things about Cape Cod is the natural beauty. We love to go down to our local beach and fish or watch the waves and look at all the fascinating creatures that wash up on shore.  We took the knives we finished up for this weekends Brewster in Bloom Festival and did a little photo shoot.  Hope you enjoy the natural beauty as much as we did.

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Japanese style chef knives and Brewster in Bloom!!

We are making a bunch of Japanese style chef knives for next weekends Brewster in Bloom Festival.    What do we mean by Japanese Style.  Well they will generally be shaped like Japanese knives.  They will be chisel ground with large bevel on one side and a micro bevel on the other side. This will make them very sharp.  They will be deferentially quenched. This will mean that the edge remains really hard but the spine is soft preventing the knife from breaking. It will also add to the edge holding ability and sharpness but will make the edge prone to chip more so care must be used to use a good cutting surface and use good knife care practices.    They will probably not have hidden tangs which reduces weight  in Japanese knives because we like the strength of a full tang and we dislike making hidden handles.  These are the first two we finished today.  They are made of 1095 high carbon steel with handles made of ebony malachite and stabilized, spalted, oak burl.


Ebony and Malachite handle 10 inch chef.

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This weeks works in progress!!


Been working on our mini cleavers and Pistol Grip Skinner this week and even managed to get an oyster knife in the mix. Just need to sharpen and tag these bad boys and they are ready to roll. The knives handles from top to bottom are G10, G10, Ebony and Stabilized Cherry Burl.   Can not wait for this weekend and the Knife Extravaganza show in Mystic!!!

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Next Weekend First Knife Show Ever!!

Next weekend we are going to the Northeast Cutlery Collectors Knife Extravaganza in Mystic Ct.  It is the first knife show we have gone to where we will be selling.  It is a new experience to us and if you can come and show your support that would be awesome. We will be featuring our Mini EDC knives and our Pistol Grip Skinners which will hopefully become instant classics in the eyes of the collectors that come from all around the country to attend.  We have no idea what it will be like so fingers crossed.