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1812 Sword!!

1812 Militia Saber. The owner has had it since he was a child. Found it in his basement and it has never had a handle since he has owned it. I made it a handle out of bone. Had to draw out the tang, polish the brass, and remove the rust form blade without stripping the wonderful patina. Lastly cleaned up the ragged edge so it is a functional sword again. It was not a museum quality piece or restoration but the owner now has a fine, fully functional sword that makes a nice mantle piece. He can take it to water melons or keep it for home defense.

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Do not used Shuns to open up lobsters!!

Using a Shun to open up lobsters makes Samurai Chef Baby Jesus cry. Shuns are one of the most elegant and best production knife chef knives in the world. I love them. I sharpen a lot of them and they almost always are absolutely destroyed.

The edge of a shun is super thin and super hard. as a result it can get super sharp and hold an edge very well. They cut like a razor. The wavy metal above it is a low count stainless damascus which is wrapped around the hard core of the knife edge. you can clearly see where the edge ends and the wavy metal begins. this is a process called san mai. it lets you leave the edge untempered and the spine soft to give an exceptional hard edge with a flexible spine so the knife does not break. The edge is however fairly brittle so if you hit big bones or hard surfaces or in this case try cracking lobsters open this will be the result. As always use a soft cutting board, no dishwasher and stick to veggies and fish.

Once fixed they are back to their super sharp and smooth edge they should have. I think they are the most beautiful and amazing production chef knife you can get. They will last for a very long time if you just follow simple care practices.

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Merry Christmas!

Well, another year over and a great one at that. We hope you and yours are well. There is ice in the cooling buckets and after 9 months straight of 7 days a week we are taking a bit of a break. We will be coming back to work middle of January. We are ready to make 2020 even better so look out. Folding knives should be ready by spring and we will be bringing the very popular Guyuto chef knife in to the production line as well as making some super snazzy damascus golf divot repair tools for the golfer that has it all. A limited run of D2 scouts are also in the work. We have big plans so stay tuned. Thanks so much from all of us here at Cape Cod Cutlery.

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Special orders for XMAS done!

Wow what a season! If you want a knife by Christmas the only way to get it is buy out of existing inventory. Below is our total year end inventory if you want something before Christmas this is it. 10% off anything 20% for military first responders and teachers. Free shipping. Email me at with questions or to order. We only have one oyster knife left in stock. For Oyster knives please chck out our retailers on the Cape. Cape Cod Beer, Love Local in Hyannis and Lexaco in Harwich and Newcomb Hollow shop in Wellfleet. They should all have a fairly good selection of Shuckers.

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Get your Christmas orders in now!!

Orders have been coming in pretty steady. If you want something before Christmas be sure to order before Dec 10 or you will be waiting till Jan to get it! Your other option is to come see us at the Love Local show at Barnstable High next weekend. We have a pretty good inventory for that show so you should be able to find most of our standard offerings and some interesting one offs.

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Welcome Lexaco!!

We are excited to welcome a new retailer on the cape in the town of Harwichport. The lovely little shop on main street in Harwichport features beautiful jewelry and local made gifts, now including Cape Cod Cutlery Oyster shuckers. We are happy to have them as part if the Cape Cod Cutlery family.