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Bad News Good News.

Well, we got a bit of bad news today. We will not be able to attend Wellfleet Oyster Fest this year. We did not pass muster for some reason. It is a tough event to get into even for Cape Cod’s own oyster knife company. It will be a shame because we love that event and have supported them during the Covid years because of our passion for the cause. It is also our single biggest source of income for the year. Oh well… On the bright side the only other event we planned on attending this year is the Wareham Oyster Fest which will be at May 28th on a Sunday. So Mark it down it is coming soon!! It is great they were able to get it back up and running this year and we will have a great time getting back there. As always if you are looking for our products in Wellfleet look no further than the Newcomb Hollow Shop on Main St.

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