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Tonight’s Rehab Project.

You know how much I enjoy working with rehabing old knives. This is a Nichols Brothers butcher knife made in Greenfield Mass between 1892 and 1905. It is made of Sheer Steel which is awesome and very rare. you see it some in cutlery pre-1900 back to the 1690’s when the process was created. The client’s father had this knife and he inherited it and wanted to keep it and use it . The old handle had fallen off and was very rotten. The back 2 of the 5 pins were complementary gone so they were relocated farther back at the end of the handle and I kept the original shape and thickness for the most part . It is redone in Bacote and a blue liner. The steel polished up awesome with little effort. It is a very thin razor sharp knife. Love it, sad to send it back.

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Tonight’s Rehab project.

Rehabbing a 100 year old plus high carbon steel chef knife. The blade was in really good shape but the handle was rusting and the wood was rotten and falling off. I removed the old handle and hit the rust with a brush then sprayed it with a rust converter. I then picked out a scrap piece of mammoth tusk we had kicking around and a piece of bacote wood, it is one of my favorites. I then added some green liner and brass pins. I gave it a sharpening and polish and now it sings and cuts like a dream. Really happy with it. I love giving these old knives a new lease on life. I hope the customer is just as thrilled.

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Wellfleet Oyster Fest!!!!!

The most off the hook oyster festival in New England. If you love oysters beer and music and food you have to be at this one. We will be there with a huge selection of knives. We have been really busy this is possibly the biggest inventory we will have all year and we hope to sell it all. This event last year rained and it was still amazing this year the weather should be beautiful so we can not wait.

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A knife for Mom.

So my Mother has about a dozen small paring knives that she uses for all her cooking. They are all cheap and dull almost on first use after sharping and she hates them. She has been hounding me for a good paring knife that will stay sharp. Well mom it is your lucky day! Knowing that my mom was born into the age of stainless knives that no one ever cared for or sharpened or god forbid hand washed after use , dried and put away. I knew if I made a knife for my mother it would have to be tough and rugged and able to withstand all the abuse and neglect it would receive in her hands. The blade is made of Nitro V. A steel that is supposed to be rust and stain proof. The handle made from Acrylic resin . It should be able to handle all the things we tell people to never do to a knife. Plus it has fancy file work down the spine for beauty and class just like mom. 🙂

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Summer season winding down winter gearing up.

September is the month to catch our breath and start gearing up for the big holiday season. We are almost caught up on special orders as well and working hard to take advantage of this slow month to get on top of them. This month we say good bye to our Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market this Friday. We said good bye to our Brewster Historical Society Farmers Market last week. We will still be at Sandwich and Chatham on Tuesdays through middle of October and Even though Ptown goes till November after September we will be there sporadically due to massive Christmas shows That demand all our presence.

This month we will be at Live Local Fest in Hyannis at the end of the month and at the brand new Bow To Stern Williams Street Festival In New Bedford.

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Hump Backs are back in stock!!1

This quirky little chef knife was designed by us to fulfill several roles of different Asian styles knives we liked. The result is a unique small knife with some rock and chop a tiny bit Chinese cleaver meets rocking veggie knife. IT is thick and tough enough to make a good meat processing knife or good for crushing garlic and mincing herbs. It proved to be a big hit and is now back in stock we will have limited quantities this weekend at Ptown and Brewster Farmers Market and Hyannis Craft festival on the Green.

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No more special orders for now. :(

We are overwhelmed with special custom orders at the moment. We want to get them done in a timely fashion and we do not want to lose any in the shuffle. Right now we need to be working on knives to fill the tables for the big holiday show we have booked. We hope this does not inconvenience anyone. We will probably be taking commission work again starting end of December. Thank you for your patience and continued support.