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Amazing engraver!!

We are fortunate enough to be friends with an amazing old school engraver. She works with a hammer and a fine chisel. Her name is Norah Bourbon. She is a third generation metal worker and second generation engraver. Norah learned the art from the father who is a famous engraver of firearms. Both father and daughter have worked for Smith and Wesson. Norah recently engraved and knife and pistol combo for us and we are very happy. It would be great to get commissions for work with her in the future. Norah is also an acomplished blacksmith, jeweler, clothing designer, musician and tamer of wild beasts. We will be making a special knife for her to go crazy on in the near future. If you have a firearm or anything else that needs engraving please contact her at or instagram at @norahbourbon ( Note Gun and knife not for sale.)

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