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Truck Leaf Springs?

If you have been following this blog for a while you have seen us make knives out of recycled materials.  You have heard me explain how just like every person who owns a Great Dane wishes they had a dollar for every time they were asked if “they had a saddle for that thing?” knife makers are always asked the same questions.  Have you ever made a knife out of a ….. ?  Well up until now I have be able to say yes to files, yes to rail road spikes, yes to lawn mower blades, yes to saw blades but no leaf springs.  My friend Fergus who has connections in the auto repair world got us a set of truck leaf springs.  So here it is our first leaf spring knife.  Our number one customer Jon asked for a Nessmuck as a gift for his brother who is an outdoors guy who likes to bush craft. so we took the idea of our Nessmuck and Camp Chopper and modified it.  We had new steel and a new project so the path was clear. The steel was incredibly tough even after two annelings  it ate through cut off wheels and belts.  We left the original spring thickness of 1/4 inch in the spine to give it weight for chopping and tapered the handle for comfort so it did not feel like you were swinging a leaf spring.   To make a big knife like this still be usable without tiring you out we lightened it by drilling holes in the handle and giving the blade a deep hollow grind.   The bevel was brought up high like a kitchen knife so it is super sharp for the fine work but the steel along the edge is still thick enough for the hard work.   The handle is Walnut with one brass  and one mosaic pin. Our in shop sheath guy Ken is getting better at his craft too!  The sheath is comfortable and attractive with a glossy waterproof finish.  Happy Birthday Bro! hope you use it in good health for many years to come!

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