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So you get into knife making cause you want to make a knife.  Then you think I could sell this and pay for my hobby.  Then you think I could sell these and do this for a living. Then you realize you have to take your product to market which is an entirely different skill set then making a knife.  From a knife makers stand point this should be as simple as getting a table and laying the knives out flat in neat rows so people can look at them.  However, after your first trip to a craft show or farmers market you realize it is just not that simple.  Some people spend hours setting up their booth with very elaborate displays.   In an effort to broaden our flat table world view we are trying to add some height in the back and some variety of presentation.  We were going to go with an ocean theme but could not find any drift wood so we went with chunks of Cherry burls, because that is what we had on hand.   We then messed with some flower pots and bricks.  Someone suggested magnetic strips in the wood. The long and the short of it is we are messing with  presentation. If you have any good ideas please help us with developing a new skill set.

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