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Cape Cod Makers Faire !!!!!!!

April 29th 10-4 at Mashpee Middle school will be the Cape Cod Mini Makers Faire.

Cape Cod Cutlery will be in attendance. We will be co sponsoring a Black smithing demo along with the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronisms of which we are also a part.  We hope to have local medieval weapon smith Rusty Griffin at the Anvil along with weapon and armor smith  Brian Dimmock.  These master craftsmen will be joined by Cape Cod Cutlery and the local metal workers group within the SCA.   There will also be fighting and fencing and music and dance and all sorts of other demonstrations of the things we do in the SCA.  You can of course purchase Cape Cod Cutlery  knives as well.  We look forward to seeing you there and come see people make things by hand.  If you don’t make something ask yourself, “why not ?”  If you don’t know what you will like to make come on down there are plenty of people to help you figure it out.



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