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Slow day but Slow Food was at the Market!

The weather was hot at the Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market and people seemed to stay home where it was cool instead of drinking beer in the sun . However the day was not a complete loss we sharpened some knives and sold a couple of knives. We had our newest folders on display as well as a new damascus paring knife.  Matt from TF Woodcraft was with us with his amazing cutting boards and kitchen utensils.  Slow Food Cape Cod on facebook  also gave us a mention yesterday when they saw us at the Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market so one good turn deserves another.   We love the slow food movement.  People need to get back to making food from scratch instead of eating processed and fast food which is garbage.  You can check out their site at  

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Great weekend at Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market and Great North Eastern War

This week we sold knives at the Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market and at the Society for Creative Anachronism event Great North Eastern War with our friend TF Wood Craft.

This is our latest design in friction folders. It is brass and ebony with a piece of Alabama Damascus steel. Every piece of it is hand tooled to shape. It is quite a bit of work, but the end result is worth it.


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New Additions to the family!

Three new knives were born this week..  The first is a dirk that was repurposed from an old replica Napoleonic saber we had kicking around.  It sports a lace wood handle and antler spacers with a brass end cap.  The next is a hunter with an ebony handle and a brass liner with brass pins and lanyard loop.  It is made of 1095 steel.  The smallest knife of the bunch is made from Alabama Damascus with a cocobolo handle and green liner with brass pins.

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Cape Cod Boat Knife

This combination of knife and marlin spike is reminiscent of the tools of 17th and 18th century, when tall ships of wood manned by men of iron plied the oceans.  The sheep’s foot design of the blade is relatively safe on a tossing deck as it is hard to drop through your foot or boat.  It has a razor edge to make fast work of rope and a marlin spike to help with the knots and splicing.  Both are tied to the sheath with lanyards so they don’t fall overboard.  Handle made of teak and brass for a nautical feel.  Blade 1095 high carbon steel.