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Awesome article!

I came across an awesome article.  Had to share it.  Don’t forget this Friday #capecodbeerfarmersmarket  come see us!




13 thoughts on “Awesome article!

  1. Hi
    I saw your knives at Cape Cod brewery and wanted to purchase a chefs knife. How can I purchase?

    1. You can currently stop on by our shop and look at what we have available. 31 Timber Lane Marstons Mills Give a call first 508-560-1114 to make sure we are around. We have a couple available now and pictures will probably be up tonight.

      Thanks Fred

      1. Thanks Fred. I live in Boston but have a home on the cape although I am not there during the week. Ill check the site and/ call when I am down. This will be a Christmas gift so I have a little time.

      2. Great photos going up tonight if you see any you like let me know

      3. Wow. looking good . can you give me the prices of these.

      4. Chef knives are around 100-200 range based a lot on handle material and complexity.

      5. Hey are you around today(sat)?

      6. Hi

        Here all day today Sunday,


      7. Sorry I am off cape

      8. Hi Fred
        Are you around this weekend including today

  2. yes will be around after 5 and all day sunday

  3. hi Fred
    Are you around this weekend including Friday?

    1. yes here all day sat and sunday just got your message now I am home but probably late

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