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Online sales and Blade Atlanta!!!!

Hi all!! We spent yesterday uploading knives to online sources. You can now purchase knives from this website as well as Etsy and Amazon Handmade market place. In addition to these we have had the honor of being invited to sell at the very cool Anytown USA online sales platform. Anytown USA was started by a very cool lady who retired from being CEO of several international corporations to start her own on line shopping service which only sells stuff made in the USA. Anytown does a lot of great work to drive traffic to their site so we hope for big things there. We have also figured out options of wood handles we will offer which is pretty cool.

,Buck eye burl,dyed quilted maple, lacewood,cherry burl,paduk,osage orange,bacote ,olivewood,spalted tamarind,wenge and dyed spalted tamarind

One of the coolest bits of news we have received is that we have been accepted to Blade Atlanta the biggest knife show in the world!!! It is terrifying but we will be bringing Cape Cod and what we do to a national and global audience. It is pretty nuts!! Tom is making a few special show knives but we will be focusing on just doing what we do by making handmade knives for the people. We are making beautiful tools.

This is a nine knife set of all the kitchen knives we make.  Handles are wenge.  Except for that pesky Humpback whale.  I am not sure what it is. 🙂

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