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Back to the cold New England winter

Well, we spent the month of January on my dad’s Farm in Mississippi. We enjoyed a rainy but mostly 50 to 60 degree month while Cape Cod enjoyed the teens and twenties. It allowed us to get a lot of work done and we ended up with a new dog Mr Jack Mittens who just showed up on the farm the first week and never left us. So two dogs, two large men and the full knife shop axles and differential for the company Suburban and all our supplies and clothing for a month squeezed into a Kia Soul and just spent 24 hours on the road to get back here.

This week we plan a cleaning and reset on our shop. Fixing our work truck with the aforementioned axles and diff. Get our knives nicely photographed and listed on line. Once listed I will post links and info about our new partner in online sales. We think it will be great!

Working on our new neck knifes.  They are 1095 steel and come with a kydex neck sheath for $40.00

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