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Eastham, Ptown and Brewster this weekend!! We must be crazy!!!

Well we are crazy, there was never any question of that!  We love being out and meeting all the interesting folks on the Cape.  We barely have any time to make knives!  We will be at the Eastham Windmill all Saturday and Sunday with a Castleberry craft fair.  We will  also be at the Providencetown Farmers Market.  We have  new deep cycle battery sharpening set up I am not sure how long I can sharpen with it but first come first serve I will be sharpening there!!  Last week lots of people wanted knives sharpened and I have no power there so I bit the bullet and invested in a battery and inverter.  Sunday as usual we will be at the other Windmill in Brewster  at Drummer Boy Park’s Historical Society Farmers Market sharpening as well.

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