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What is new?

We are going to be at the Ptown Farmers Market for the next two Saturdays which is super exciting!!  We have some stunning knives to sell at the moment. We are also going to be in Chatham and Eastham the next two weekends at Castleberry craft shows and the normally scheduled farmers markets as well.

35971710_10214495756240152_9013484990918295552_n.jpg  We got a hold of several pieces of wood taken off the USS Constitution during the 1974 overhaul and asked if people would like knives made with it and the response was overwhelming.  Way more responded then we have wood for.  So we will see what we can do to get some more to fill the orders.   We will let those interested know when knives are available as we progress with it.

We have also taken out first fledgling steps into AEB-L Stainless.   It has beat 52100 high carbon steel in cut tests and edge retention which has long been the “Cadillac of knife steels” according to kitchen knife guru Bob Kramer.  We are looking at making our filet knife, riggers knife, oyster knife and maybe a clam knife out of AEB-L.  We figure these will be exposed to salt water and the damp more then any other knife we make.  The plan is to get prototypes of the rigging knife in the hands of Master Knot Worker Mathew Bedouin at Mystic Knot Works in CT to put it through the paces to see how it compares to his old tried and true carbon steel workhorse.  The filet knife prototypes will head to Chatham Skate and Dog Fish fishermen to test the edges on the sand paper like skin of their fish of choice.  Tom will suffer through oyster tests with the oyster knife prototype. We will look for a hard core clam person for testing of that prototype.  If you know anyone let us know.


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