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All you need is Love and these knives.

When the Beatles sang “All you need is love!”  I am not sure they were considering survival in the woods.  For bush crafting at its best might we suggest that as well as love you bring a Cape Cod Cutlery Large Bush Craft Knife.  Splitting wood, starting fires building shelter this knife is a good to have when love is not enough to keep you warm. You will also need to take care of your hunger.  You might need to skin some animals or cut some nice green roughage to chew on.  The Pistol Grip Skinner  gives you a comfortable and well thought out knife that is good for just about anything…especially skinning.    Check them out at our next event.  Till then, all you need is love and a good knife.   The handles are Cocobolo and the blades are made of 80crv2.

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