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Gifts from Dad.

Before Christmas a customer brought us a half dozen old files that had belonged to her dad.  She wanted us to make them into knives so that she could give them  to her siblings and her son who was close “Grampy.”  Her dad had always been a handyman and she knew that having his tools transformed into something that everyone could use would be meaningful as well as useful to each one of them.  We were told the personality and size and eating habits of each person so as to design the most useful knife for each person involved.  It was a highly personalized and well thought out presentation.  Yesterday, I received a detailed letter of the proceedings at Christmas and how it was the best present ever and people really were touched.  I was glad to be a part of something so special.  Knives are already one of the best presents you can give.  They may be used several times a day and people think of the giver each and every time.  When a knife is passed on to someone they will remember fondly the person that handed it down to them.  These knives come with the added memory of a patriarch who made beautiful and functional things with them before they were knives.  Knives are a tool that can connect  generations and create a lasting immortality in the hearts and minds of the user.  Thank you for letting us be a part  of that.

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