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Great Day at the Makers Faire!

The forecast was gloom and doom.  The morning was overcast and we even felt a drop of rain while setting up. I had a conversation with the Thunder Beings letting them know how important the day was to me and they saw their way to letting it be a beautiful day.   Brian Dimmock of the Knotted Devil Manufactory and Forged in Fire was present and made a cutlass!!  We made a couple of sets of wheel barrow axle brackets for a landscaper that happened to be there and made loops on the end of rebar posts for one of the event organizers  to use to rope off areas. We then worked on a dagger while Brian’s apprentice Dave worked on armor and repaired a viking warriors helmet that had met with some Dane ax blows and was not up to the job.  We  made it into pictures on Our apprentice Marwin was on hand and made it into some of the pictures as well.  The day ended with us meeting a really cool knife maker from Virginia who just moved up to Wareham a few months ago Matthew Lajoie and we can not wait to hang out and make some knives with him.

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