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Coil spring knives update!!

We have three of the four knives made from an old Land Rover coil spring finished. We have a bird and trout knife with cherry burl and a red liner. We have a bush craft knife with ebony and a yellow liner and a beautiful bird and trout with brass and snake wood with a black liner. The fourth knife is a Skinner which we finished forging today  and will hopefully be finished in a couple of days.    The Skinner having a taller blade then the others required us to upset the spring forcing more metal into a smaller area.  Our first attempt using the springs normal size ended up with the metal being far to thin.  Coil spring steel is really great steel for making knives out of .   It is hard and flexible.  However it has the ability to air harden which makes it impossible to anneal and drill so all holes need to be hand punched while hot.  I like the end result but it is really hard making a knife out of spring steel compared to other steels we work with.

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