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Summer season winding down winter gearing up.

September is the month to catch our breath and start gearing up for the big holiday season. We are almost caught up on special orders as well and working hard to take advantage of this slow month to get on top of them. This month we say good bye to our Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market this Friday. We said good bye to our Brewster Historical Society Farmers Market last week. We will still be at Sandwich and Chatham on Tuesdays through middle of October and Even though Ptown goes till November after September we will be there sporadically due to massive Christmas shows That demand all our presence.

This month we will be at Live Local Fest in Hyannis at the end of the month and at the brand new Bow To Stern Williams Street Festival In New Bedford.

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Hump Backs are back in stock!!1

This quirky little chef knife was designed by us to fulfill several roles of different Asian styles knives we liked. The result is a unique small knife with some rock and chop a tiny bit Chinese cleaver meets rocking veggie knife. IT is thick and tough enough to make a good meat processing knife or good for crushing garlic and mincing herbs. It proved to be a big hit and is now back in stock we will have limited quantities this weekend at Ptown and Brewster Farmers Market and Hyannis Craft festival on the Green.

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No more special orders for now. :(

We are overwhelmed with special custom orders at the moment. We want to get them done in a timely fashion and we do not want to lose any in the shuffle. Right now we need to be working on knives to fill the tables for the big holiday show we have booked. We hope this does not inconvenience anyone. We will probably be taking commission work again starting end of December. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

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It’s American but is it Art?

So Cotuit Center for the Arts is having a Proud to be an American themed art show and it is bringing two art curators for off Cape to jury it. Now we know we are craftsmen but now that we have entered these into an Art Show we will get to find out if art professionals deem our work to be art. We will let you know if we make the cut.
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Email newsletter!!

Every month or so we send out an email newsletter. Right now we have 400 people on it! If you would like to be a part of it, email me your email at and say you want to be added. It is that simple. You will get the inside scoop on what is going on in our world and may be able to take advantage of specials and savings or give away promotions. We will promise not to bother you more than once a month and of course you emails a totally secure and private and never sold off to anyone. We work with the very trusted mailing organization Mail Chimp. So join the other knife fanatics and lovers of beautiful Cape Cod. You will be glad you did.

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Sad British Tourists and the 4th of July

Every summer the Cape gets many British tourists. They come out to the farmers markets and craft fairs that we attend. They look at our knives and admire them and want to buy them but I know the exact thing they will say as soon as I hear the sound of their voice. With a beaten and dejected look they say “These are really beautiful but we are not allowed to have knives any more.” I relate how the one 2-3 inch folding knife we made that a lady shipped to her husband in England got confiscated by customs, so we understand. They often relate how now people are using acid and axes and hammers to kill one another now. Funny how banning a tool that can be used for killing never stops killing. People will always find a way. There was plenty of killing back when all we had were rock and stick. Be happy you live in a country where as a citizen you have rights not privileges. Our ancestors fought a war and died for those rights. Almost every week a sad British subject reminds me of this and I am glad I was born here in this great country. Happy Fourth of July everyone.

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Bushcraft Dad!!!

We would like to introduce you to Bushcraft Dad!
Who is Bushcraft Dad you ask?  Well he is a professional chef and budding bushcraft personality. He is a guy with a love of nature and two young daughters who he takes into the woods surviving, fishing and learning to live off the land. He and his daughters have been using our knives and testing them for us in the field. He will be doing more reviews and testing of our products in the the woods and in the kitchens. He is trying to get a Youtube channel off the ground and document his wilderness adventures and share what he learns along the way. Here is his new Facebook page.  If you like bush craft or nature please follow his progress. You can also follow him on Instagram under “the Bushcraft Dad” as well.

We are now in full swing at five farmers markets a week and and a craft show just about every weekend. We are sharpening knives at all of the farmers markets. Please check out our schedule at www, for locations.

We also have an ad in the summer edition of Edible Cape Cod!!  Bring the ad to one of our shows and we will give you 20% off your purchase!!! ( Not to be combined with other offers.)