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Postal Service.

Hi folks! As of know we have shipped al the packages that should in theory arrive by Christmas. The postal service is having a very bad time of it. All the shipping companies are as well. I have had UPS drivers showing up in personal vehicles. I have had Fed Ex showing up in Uhauls. It is my understanding that the Providence USPS sorting facility has 300 people out with Covid and the remaining employees are having to take packages in their own cars to Hartford for processing. I am waiting on important materials that have not moved from a truck in Alabama since Dec 1st according to tracking. The supply chain for our AEB-L steel has also tightened up right now. Please be patient with our package delivery people we are all having a hard time with it. Thank you and stay safe.

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  1. Ordered 12/3 and still nothing! Hope they aren’t lost!

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