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Anytown USA!!! Shop Safe at home from Small Businesses. Help us do business in this time when few sales options are available.

Dear Friends,

Hope this note finds you safe and healthy during these trying times.  As you know, small businesses are being hit especially hard during the Covid-19 crisis. Artists and makers who rely on craft shows and trade shows for orders are experiencing major sales shortfalls. I am a part of a community of over 250 makers across the USA called  Right now while you can’t go to a craft or trade show to shop with us, here is one easy thing you can do to support us. Please visit our “stores”  on   When you buy something, please use my code CUTLERYH19.  Every time someone uses the code to buy any of the over 10,000 items, will rebate my cost to do business on the site.  For every $100 spent using my unique code, will rebate me $10 up to $50. This will also help my fellow artists and makers with their sales during this difficult moment. It’s one way you can help small businesses as we weather the storm.


Fred and Tom

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