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Tonight’s Rehab Project.

You know how much I enjoy working with rehabing old knives. This is a Nichols Brothers butcher knife made in Greenfield Mass between 1892 and 1905. It is made of Sheer Steel which is awesome and very rare. you see it some in cutlery pre-1900 back to the 1690’s when the process was created. The client’s father had this knife and he inherited it and wanted to keep it and use it . The old handle had fallen off and was very rotten. The back 2 of the 5 pins were complementary gone so they were relocated farther back at the end of the handle and I kept the original shape and thickness for the most part . It is redone in Bacote and a blue liner. The steel polished up awesome with little effort. It is a very thin razor sharp knife. Love it, sad to send it back.

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Rehab Project.

  1. Very nice. Nothing like resurrecting an old knife. I do it a lot with flea market finds, diamonds in the rough!

    1. It is one of my favorite things to do. I love when people bring me something that has been in their family for 3 generations and they want to continue to pass it down but they feel it is beyond help. The look and gratitude on their faces when I tell them I can fix it and give it a new life. It is so worth it.

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