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A knife for Mom.

So my Mother has about a dozen small paring knives that she uses for all her cooking. They are all cheap and dull almost on first use after sharping and she hates them. She has been hounding me for a good paring knife that will stay sharp. Well mom it is your lucky day! Knowing that my mom was born into the age of stainless knives that no one ever cared for or sharpened or god forbid hand washed after use , dried and put away. I knew if I made a knife for my mother it would have to be tough and rugged and able to withstand all the abuse and neglect it would receive in her hands. The blade is made of Nitro V. A steel that is supposed to be rust and stain proof. The handle made from Acrylic resin . It should be able to handle all the things we tell people to never do to a knife. Plus it has fancy file work down the spine for beauty and class just like mom. 🙂

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