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Yes it is art!!!!

It’s official!!!
Go see our knives on the second floor gallery of the Cotuit Center for the Performing Arts through Sept 3rd.

2 thoughts on “Yes it is art!!!!

  1. Do you have a store in Marston Mills that I can come to and show you what I want. And what would be the days and hours that you are open.

    1. We work out of our garage. It is manufacturing only. We retail at Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs. If you wanted to stop bu Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market on Friday between 3 and 6 we will both be there and you can let us know what you want. If that time is not good you can check out our schedule for our other dates and locations. You can also send us an email with pictures and descriptions of what you are looking for. Right now we are in and out of the shop so frequently it is hard to have any reliable hours here. Thanks Fred

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