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Email newsletter!!

Every month or so we send out an email newsletter. Right now we have 400 people on it! If you would like to be a part of it, email me your email at and say you want to be added. It is that simple. You will get the inside scoop on what is going on in our world and may be able to take advantage of specials and savings or give away promotions. We will promise not to bother you more than once a month and of course you emails a totally secure and private and never sold off to anyone. We work with the very trusted mailing organization Mail Chimp. So join the other knife fanatics and lovers of beautiful Cape Cod. You will be glad you did.

2 thoughts on “Email newsletter!!

  1. Hey there, I am in Orleans next week and will miss your fair appearances. Do you have a shop I can visit on my own. Thanks,

    1. Hi, Sorry just noticed you had posted here. Our Schedule is pretty tight this time of year we are in and out of the shop a lot. IT is manufacturing only and not supposed to be open to the public as per town rules. If you check out our schedule we are in Brewster and Chatham frequently. These are very close to Orleans. Thanks Fred

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