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The “Wellfleet boys” got to try out our knives said they were solid and just as good as anything else they had used only a whole lot prettier.  It was nice seeing the rubber handled commercial knives sitting in the ice and guys using our knives to open thousands of oysters all day long.  We got to check out lots of Oyster shucking competitors knives and learn way more about oyster knives then we ever thought possible.  We will be tweaking our oyster knives a bit.  We will still offer the traditional Boston Stabber but we will be making a shorter version with a New Haven tip called the Barnstable Poker and we will make a long version of the new haven tip as well.   Also going forward we will be making them all from AEB-L stainless as we have been really impressed with bench testing of the temper by bending tips in a vise without breaking. We feel the heat treat in the kiln is very repeatable and will give us the strongest most reliable tips we can get.    We also had many requests for a clam knife so will be making a clam knife as well.

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