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Hi all!  We are winding down the farmers market season.  The tourists have left in droves and we can finally take a breath.  WRONG!  We have a mad crazy holiday season lined up that promises to be busier than summer if only we can make enough knives!  Yeah, I may have way over booked a tiny two man shop but Tom told me the other day he works best under pressure so I took it to heart!

We had an awesome meeting with town zoning and building commissioner today.  We weren’t previously aware that while we can still be “two guys in a garage” we aren’t allowed to advertise our residential location to the public.  We really do want to be good neighbors.   This means we cannot have people coming to the shop from now on which is sad but probably for the best. We’ll still be around though! If you’d like a knife sharpened, or to check out our custom knives, check our schedule page or email us at to find out when we’ll be in your area or to see if we can schedule a pickup at a nearby public location.

We will  meet with a SCORE volunteer next Tuesday to talk about working on a long term business plan to grow from a home business to a medium sized custom knife maker and a destination location on the Cape.  I have hung around Ann Miller of Summer House Soap and Todd and Beth Marcus of Cape Cod Beer too much and have been inspired to become something as integral to the Cape Cod experience and community as Great White Sharks.  Just a matter of figuring out how to get there.

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