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Saving the world greatest quahog knife.

A customer came to me and said he owned the worlds greatest quahog knife and had been using it since 1968.  He said it has never broken a shell and worked like a dream.  However recently it appears to have broken inside the handle and there is a piece of metal sticking out.  Could we help?  I was not sure we could but I said I would try.


As you can see once opened the handle was not really broken but rotted.  The piece of metal sticking out is in between the handle halves and is all that remains of the tang.


So after cleaning up what was left of the blade we welded a new piece of steel to the remaining blade.39134983_10214826279463026_3032818433684144128_n

We then re handled it in mahogany with a green fiber liner. 39118585_10214826282103092_3685052008340914176_n

You can not tell where the blade was broken now looking from the top. We wish him another 50 happy years with the worlds greatest quahog knife!39155858_10214826281183069_2185036252170944512_n


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