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Thar she blows! Whale knives dead ahead!

Being on Cape Cod, surrounded by whale-rich waters, we got to thinking.  It is always entertaining when we try thinking, even if not productive. We have been making some Japanese inspired chef knives recently, as we mentioned several posts ago. The other day Tom said he though one of them looked like a whale. The knives have holes in the front for easy hanging that looks sort of like an eye. That got my mind wandering. Suddenly I saw a whale in each one we made. The long slicing knife looked like a blue whale.  The fat choppy knife looked a bit like a humpback whale.  The flat nosed Nakiri elicited the image of a sperm whale.  The small paring knives seem a bit like a pilot whale. Sitting here now, I think we will make a boning knife and call it the Narwhal.  It is visually more fun and makes it much easier to say “I want a Humpback Whale” rather than “the fat choppy Japanese style knife.”

On the left top are two Humpbacks over two Sperm Whales.  On the right a Blue Whale over a couple of Pilot Whales. The bottom picture is a new style of camp chef. It is not part of the whale series even though it bears some resemblance to a Minke whale. The next set of pictures is of a Damascus Sperm Whale with a stabilized pecan burl handle.


This is the Pilot Whale in the same “EKG design” damascus with stabilized pecan burl.

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