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Japanese style chef knives and Brewster in Bloom!!

We are making a bunch of Japanese style chef knives for next weekends Brewster in Bloom Festival.    What do we mean by Japanese Style.  Well they will generally be shaped like Japanese knives.  They will be chisel ground with large bevel on one side and a micro bevel on the other side. This will make them very sharp.  They will be deferentially quenched. This will mean that the edge remains really hard but the spine is soft preventing the knife from breaking. It will also add to the edge holding ability and sharpness but will make the edge prone to chip more so care must be used to use a good cutting surface and use good knife care practices.    They will probably not have hidden tangs which reduces weight  in Japanese knives because we like the strength of a full tang and we dislike making hidden handles.  These are the first two we finished today.  They are made of 1095 high carbon steel with handles made of ebony malachite and stabilized, spalted, oak burl.


Ebony and Malachite handle 10 inch chef.

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