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We have Wood!! Now to organize it!!

Our friend Pat from Florida sent us some awesome old postal bins.  The long term plan is to cut up all the wood we have into knife scales and put them in the bins so that when we make a knife we just walk over and say “I think I will use…” and there it is.  However, the hard part is we have a 55 gal drum to get through before we tackle the pile.  It is going to be a very costly project in band saw blades.  Summer is almost here so it might be able to happen!! Wish we had a friend with a saw mill!  (Wood in pile consists of ebony, teak, cherry , cherry burl, osage orange, cedar, honey locust, spalted maple, birch, holly, oak, maple and walnut. All locally sourced from nature or as scrap wood from local wood workers. )

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