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Sheaths of Wood.

I made another Kuhkri sheath recently for my friend Pat who had a great old military Kuhkri with out a sheath.  It turned out all right.   Today I had a lady come in who had just bough a very nice Shun 7 inch chef knife and she wanted a protective sheath. She had seen us at Love Local fest and thought we could help.  I had been wanting to try making one like I had seen before on Japanese chef knives with a locking pin that keeps the knife from falling out.  I decided to give it a try.  It was a lot of work and not something I think I want to make a lot of but here  it is, my first effort. Apologies to Shun for my quick and dirty mock up I did not want to mess up her brand new knife so after a quick trace I gave it back.  It is made of paduk with an iron wood spacer. Once I get a smaller drill bit the brass pin will be tied to the sheath so it does not get lost.


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