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Our Outdoor line!!

We debuted our new line of outdoor and bushcraft knives at the Wilmington gun show and it was met with a really great response.  So I wanted to show you pictures.


Of course there are the filet knives.


Then there are the fighters.


We next have the drop tip skinners.


The small hunter outdoor bushcraft design.


Top left we have our new pistol grip skinner a very well thought out knife for skinning. on the bottom we have the Gentlman’s knife which is an elegant knife similar to Victorian surgeons knives. guess who used them other than Victorian surgeons?  Top right to choppers made from 74 Ford Truck leaf springs.


Here is a picture of our Large Bush craft next to our small bushcraft and our drop tip skinner for comparison.  We had sold out of those by the time I got to the show.  It is a really nice knife that always sells fast. 20171112_085321

Last but not least our Bird and Trout knives on the far right and to the left of them knives made from 100 year old plus files.  They are nice small game and utility knives.

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  1. One thing in know about these guys is that they stand by their product. I am sure they will be happy to assist/resolve.

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