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Kuhkri Revisited!


If you remember our earlier story of the 40 year old Kuhkri that had followed an English gent all the way from Nepal to Nantucket you will remember that we rehandled and cleaned up the blade.  At the time the customer did not want us to make him a new sheath but the now very sharp kuhkri kept falling out of the old sheath and cutting the customer.   His old military sheath was splintered into a half dozen pieces and held together only by a torn and ragged leather shell.   I dissected the old sheath and traced the wooden sides and spine onto an old cherry barn board. I cut them out and sanded them to the right size and shape the epoxied the spine to the the sides.  I then found some garment weight leather and after gluing the strip of leather used as a belt band to the sheath I covered the whole sheath in spray on glue and wrapped it in the thin leather.  I replaced the cap on the bottom and even fabricated a brass staple and hammered it in the same as the original.  The final step was to stitch it up the back side with some waxed thread.  It was a great experience and now I have a commission for another sheath for my friend Pat’s military kuhkri that came back with an old soldier who got it from a Gurka soldier.  It is a real work of art and I will show you the final product when it is done.


2 thoughts on “Kuhkri Revisited!

  1. We love the look of your knives so much, we bought an oyster knife this summer at CCBeer. Unfortunately the first oyster we opened ”tis fall, the tip of the knife snapped off!!! Can you help us?

    1. Yes, we are happy to replace it. Email us your contact information so that we can send a new knife to you. If you are local you can drop by the shop and we will fix the tip on your old knife and give you a new one.

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