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Khukri handled!!

Well there you go Teak handle installed and ready for work. I burned the tang into the handle and getting the metal cap to fit right was a bit of a pain. It is a thick tang and thin handle so it was a close fit.   Sharpened and buffed a good bit of the serious rust off the blade. It still has that great patina but still much cleaner.  Can’t wait to reunite it with it’s owner on Sunday at Harwich Cranberry Festival!!!

2 thoughts on “Khukri handled!!

  1. Looks great! Sometimes rekindling a knife is tougher than making a whole new knife.

    1. Yeah, it had a thin metal bolster the was shaped to the wood and soldered with copper on top. That was tricky getting that back in place and into shape. Making the handle fit down in that meant that the handle was fairly small and that Tang is no joke. It is real thick and wide. I like full tangs much better. Scales are so much easier.

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