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This Weekend !!

Friday we will be at Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market from 3-6 on site knife sharpening will be available.   Saturday and Sunday we will be selling at the Castleberry Liberty Crafts Show in Chatham.  It should be awesome!! Sunday Tom will man the booth in Chatham and I will be taking the sharpening business over to Drummer Boy Park in Brewster from 9-1  to put a keen edge on all the dull blades brought to us at the Brewster Historical Society Farmers Market!!   So come on out and see us at these great local events.  Check out our latest damascus knives and pick up an oyster knife for yourself or oyster loving friends.

In these two pictures you will see some wood products. on the left an Oyster board hand carved by Dan of Dirty Dan’s Cranberries.   The next picture shows two knife blocks made by Dan out of local Red Oak that he cut down and split and sanded for us.  Dan is a great young man who raises herbs, chickens, cranberries and does local live edge wood craft.  He is really living off the land and taking the homesteading craft and lifestyle to heart.  We will no doubt be doing more work with him as his live wood and rustic look sits well with our own local rustic aesthetic.  Look for him at local farmer’s markets like Chatham where we met him and hang out every Tuesday.   Cool video on the Chatham Market


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