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Happy Fathers Day!!!

Come on down for Father’s day weekend and join us at Cape Cod Beer Friday at 3 for their Farmers Market and on the Town hall green in Hyannis on  Saturday and Sunday for the craft fair and car show.   Get  Dad something he will love and use, no more ties!!!


We have been really busy working to bring you new things for these shows.  We have some small damascus blades with fossilized walrus tusk handles.  These are very fancy and Dad would love one.   We also have kitchen knife sets and individual oyster , filet and chef knives..  The oyster knife pictured is  handled in a cool new wood for us..  It is called honey locust. This beautiful super hard wood has a rich golden color and was used by pioneers for furniture and boat building it is good for getting wet because it is naturally rot resistant.   The seed pods are sweet and edible and Native Americans used to make beer out of it.  You will be seeing more knives with this wood in the future.  This trees coolest feature though has to be it’s giant thorny spikes that cover the bark  and can easily stab you  to a depth of 3-8 inches.   We have to be careful harvesting these bad boys!!

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