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New Project! Grandma’s Carving Set!

Here at Cape Cod Cutlery we get some interesting requests from time to time  We have re-handled an old K-Bar  re-profiled and reshaped broken tips on knives, converted one type of knife into another. This most recent project is by far the coolest to date.   A lady who I would guess to be in her late 70’s early 80’s came into the soap company today and said she had a question for me. She had seen us in Edible Cape Cod Magazine.  She pulled out a knife steel and carving knife.  She told me there used to be a fork as well.   It belonged to her grandmother, you can do the math.  The knife was rusted so bad that it looked like it had come out of a viking dig.  The antler handle had a couple of big cracks running through it.  It was clearly hand forged I would guess by the barely legible stamped makers info in the early to mid 180o’s in possibly Germany.   She said her grandson is and outdoors man and she wanted me to make a knife he might use out of one of the handles of her grandmothers carving set.  I told her I would try with the knife steel because the antler was in far better shape.  My first thought was to  remove the handle and put a brand new blade into it.  The next thought was forge the blade out of the original steel.  That is the current plan.  We can always use the other plan as a fall back if the forging does not turn out satisfactory.  My thought is a small filet knife or bird and trout knife.  Stay tuned for the process.17218383_10210692579963122_5708439118968112571_o

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