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Our Finnish knife goes to the Arctic! (Well Maybe)


So we are at the Live Love Local fest and a lady comes up and asks, ” Do you make machetes?    We said, “Not yet.”  She told us that her husband collects machetes from around the world.   We thought that was a cool and unusual hobby.  We did show her the Leku we had made.  This we told her is the closest thing to a machete we have.  It is the Laplander equivalent that they use for heavy brush work and butchering. (In testing the blade Tom hacked through 2x4s and nails!)  She then let us know that her husband was in charge of US arctic affairs and is located in Europe working with many Finns.  She thought it would be a cool to send him a Finnish knife made on Cape Cod. Well, he got the knife!  He liked it! He is in Germany and is going to show it to his Finnish friends to see what they think.  We are anxious to hear.   Who knows, maybe it will go to the Arctic with him and chop up a reindeer or some Birch for a fire!  Cape Cod Cutlery truly  international now.  Thanks for the great story.  The Leku on the right, is pictured with a knife made by the owners grandfather!  What a great patina on the old carbon steel blade.  Part of why we love carbon steel.


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