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Outdoor Production Knives!

This is the Fighter.  It is a really nice all around general purpose knife.  It has a sleek design and neat balance with just a bit of pommel weight. By far my favorite of our outdoor knives.  Made from 1095 steel with your choice of handle material.

This is the Norseman it has a thick hidden tang running through the handle and is made of 1095  steel. The tang comes out the end of the handle and has a hole for a lanyard.   The scandie grind makes it a great bush craft knife.

This is the Skinner.  A small Every Day Carry (EDC) knife with the traditional “Skinner ”  blade.  A fun useful outdoor knife.

This is the Pruner.  A small full tang  gardening knife and multipurpose EDC made of 1095 steel.

The Boatman is a sheep hoof blade design that hearkens back to the 18th cent sailors knives with blunted tip and a sure grip on the top and  bottom for the thumb and forefinger. Made of 1095 steel.

The Executive is a  bird and trout and paring blade.  1095 full tang construction with a long handle and short blade make it good for small food prep and outdoor use.


The Bird and Trout. Small game dressing knife  1095 steel full tang construction.



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