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Did you know…?

Did you know that many of our knives are made from old, repurposed files? The metal in files happens to be very high quality high carbon steel. We shape them and forge them and give them a new life. Sometimes leaving the filemarks on the face of the blade can add an interesting aesthetic dimension.

Most of these old files are close to a hundred years old or more and are sitting around in basements and garages and farmhouses.  Have an old file laying around the house and want a custom built knife from a tool that may have been used by your grandparents?  We can give it a new purpose.

About 95% of the wood we use in our knife handles is small wood off-cuts from Southeastern New England woodworkers that would otherwise be burned or tossed out as scrap. We have developed relationships with several professional woodworkers to pick up their scrap pieces on a regular basis.

This knife was made from an old farrier rasp (horseshoe file). The wooden handle was repurposed from thin strips of cocobolo left over from a manufacturing process.

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