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  1. Fred, I’m a friend of Julie Dunakin and she told me about your knives. Do you make cleavers? I would like one for my husband , I realize it’s late for XMas but I would like to see on and order one

    1. Yes we have made cleavers. We can make you one. What are you using it for? Do you want a Chinese style cleaver? Something maybe light and versatile in the kitchen or do you want an old school turn of the century horror movie style cleaver or do you want a giant post apocalyptic zombie killing cleaver? Any pictures of what you are looking for would help.


  2. I am a friend of Julie Dunakin, do you make cleavers? I would like to order one I realize it’s late for the holiday, but I would like one anyway

    1. We did not have any steel on hand big enough to make you a cleaver so we have ordered some it will be in within a week. Then it will take about a week to get it done. It will be a fairly serious knife. Does 150.00 sound in your ball park?


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