Wholesale Accounts

Over the past few years we have worked to grow and establish our name on the Cape. This hard work has begun to pay off and we are approached by people now who want to know if we will wholesale our work to retailers. After much consideration we have decided that this winter we will work on establishing a retailer base on the Cape.

There are three products which we feel have both the appeal and the margin for us to allow them at whole sale. The oyster knife, which is quite popular and has been getting great feedback from some of the most seasoned shuckers on the Cape, is the first product we are offering for wholesale. The next two products are our outdoor/bushcrafting knives the Scout and the Badger. These have had practical work in the field by bush crafters with very positive results.

Terms. We will be doing a 50/50 for retailers wishing to purchase knives in minimum orders of six – we will sell them to you at half of the suggested retail price. We will do a 70/30 consignment max order of three knives for those who wish to test the waters. We will offer limited exclusivity by shop type. If you are a gift store for example we would not sell to another gift store in your area. If a bait and tackle shop wishes to carry knives in the same town we can assume they are not serving the same clientele. The same logic goes that gift shops would be inclined to carry oyster knives but would probably not be interested in bush crafting or skinning knives. It is a subject we will have to play by ear and assess on a case by case basis.

What else do you get other than a knife to sell? We have a page on our website listing sellers by town. We will give media shout outs on social media on Twitter and Instagram and give regular mentions on our private newsletter. Plus being a retailer gets you the option of remote knife sharpening customer appreciation days. We can come out and sharpen knives for your customers at a discounted rate. Plus you get the satisfaction of selling a knife made on Cape Cod that has our lifetime warranty. As long as we can make a knife we will fix or replace it should anything happen to it. We will also sharpen all our knives for free and time they need it.

Please check out the list of available towns on our retailers page on this site. If interested please email me at fred@capecodcutlery.com