Sperm Whale (Nakiri style)


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Made from 1095 high carbon steel, this nakiri-inspired knife can be made in a traditional single-bevel edge for left or right handed people, or a more modern double-bevel edge. It is a great vegetable chopping knife, or use it as a small, light cleaver. Named after the sperm whale which made New England whaling fortunes in the 1800’s, the sharpness and long-lasting edge of this type of steel would have been familiar to Captain Ahab, even if the Asian inspired style was not.

The default knife is double beveled. Please email us at fred@capecodcutlery.com if you would prefer a single bevel, indicating a left or right handed bevel.

In the picture that shows just the handles of the knives the order of wood type is, lacewood, stabilized cherry burl, paduk, osage orange, bacote, olive wood, wengue, and dyed and stabilized tamarind wood. Please email us at fred@capecodcutlery.com to ask about specialty woods or other materials.



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